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Souk, Feasting at the mezze table but Nadia Zerouali

The word mezze stems from the Arabic term ‘tamazzaza’ – a single word that broadly embraces the idea of enjoying small portions of food and taking the time to indulge one’s tastebuds, eyes and nose by exposing them to a wide range of aromas and flavours. A complete mezze table is formed when many of these warm and cold dishes are presented together, as a meal in itself. 

The mezzanic culture originated in the Ottoman Empire and can be found in the whole of the Levantian Mediterranean: from Greece and Cyprus to Turkey, Palestine, Jordan and Syria. But it is Lebanon, the cultural home of the authors, which has really developed and is famed for the richest, most extensive and sophisticated mezzanine culture. 

In addition to the 100 classic and contemporary mezze recipes, Souk also delves into their personal stories and reminiscences about this food tradition, and the families and friends the authors meet along the way. Eating mezze is a social event, wrapped in warmth and cosiness, and spiced with waves of laughter and noisy chatter.


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