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'our commitment and responsibility to ensure we are developing more sustainable business practices is at the core of the future for the brand'


Since the company was founded in 2007, the emphasis on sustainability and ethical business practices within our company have evolved. At Hope & May, we are conscious of our environmental footprint so are committed to designing quality and timeless pieces throughout our apparel and home collections. 

With our continued research and social responsibility, it has led us to shift our supply chain and internal operations of our business to more ethical and conscious practices. We acknowledge our industry will be continually evolving and we will be constantly exploring ways to further minimise our impact on the environment.

Hope & May’s commitment and responsibility to ensure we are developing more sustainable business practices is at the core of the future for the brand. We will continue to learn and evolve with a conscious approach for a more sustainable future. 


Over the years we have built strong relationships with our manufacturers across the globe. We consciously manufacture our Hope & May exclusive products from considered and certified materials with lower environmental impacts within China, India, Vietnam and Africa. 

Our team have been fortunate enough to visit our factories over the years to ensure ethical working conditions and industry certification standards are being met, with the intention to build conscious and responsible  workplace practices and committing to a safe and healthy environment. Our suppliers hold a number of internationally recognised certifications, we make it a priority for our key suppliers to continue these certifications.

Our product strategy is to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste by designing pieces to last the seasonal  design trends. With these conscious practices in mind, we manufacture our styles in limited quantities to ensure products sell out leaving zero waste. 

In creating our Hope & May apparel, the fabrication sourcing is a core element in the design process. We carefully consider the impact on the environment and select natural materials that are easily broken down. Whilst with our homewares and furniture, we craft from natural fibres or recycled materials all which have a conscious environmental footprint.

Our mission for the future is to work closely with our design team on considered styles to eliminate zero-waste in our our manufacturing process and refining design elements for more sustainable practices. We are making a commitment to improve transparency on our supply chain and evolve manufacturing processes, we will update and share our journey of our manufacturing and design practices. 


We are conscious of the impact packaging has on the environment — with this Hope & May has a minimal and compostable approach. Since 2021, we eliminated single use plastics on all inbound and outbound  Hope & May exclusive products. 

We have chosen for all our product protection polybags to be made from corn starch and are completely biodegradable. In addition our eCommerce collateral including mailers, cards and hand tags are made from 100% FSC certified recycled paper or 100% Recycled Uncoded Paper or FSC Mix Uncoated paper and are fully compostable and recyclable. FSC certified products come from PEFC and FSC certified Sustainably Managed Forests.


At Hope & May, we are committed to support charitable organisations and continue to work with groups we believe are making a difference. 

Thread Together 

In 2020, we partnered with the organisation Thread Together to donate exclusive Hope & May end-of-line clothing and accessories to support communities in need and keep the life cycle of excess goods in circulation.